Suggested Kit List

Please come to the session with a swimming costume under your clothes. We will get changed and dressed as part of the session. You don’t need to put your kit on before we meet. 

Suggested Kit List:

Swimming costume, wetsuit or swimming layers - In summer a costume will do, as the water gets colder you may cool quickly in just a costume, so this can limit your time in the water. Wetsuits can be short or long, or separates. Surfing, SUP or swimming wetsuits are all good. A rash vest or a few costumes will keep you warmer than just a cozzy. 

Tow Float - I have some to borrow, but you may wish to get your own. Depending on the location we may start the session using a Tow Float. Mine are cheap from ebay. Make sure you try it on, sometimes the waist bands are short. 

Swimming Shoes - Can be an old pair of trainers, or you can get wetsuit boots. Swim shoes are fine. Most of the venues I swim require some foot projection. 

Towel - Have something that's big enough to cover you when changing. You can get towel ponchos and some people bring a dressing gown. Whatever works for you. Its good to put your cozzy on under your clothes before. You will need to get fully dry and dressed after the swim. Its part of making sure you are safe. 

Layers - Make sure you bring enough layers to get warm after your swim. Even on a warm summers day you will need an extra layer. 

Hot Drink - Its important to warm up from the inside after a swim. 

Bag - Something to put everything in. Can be a rucksack, bucket or an Ikea bag. Anything to keep your stuff together. 

None Essentials

Cake / Snack - Its good to fuel up after your swim with something tasty. Make sure you have had a good breakfast on the day of your swim. 

Hat - Bobble or swim hat. Its up to you. 

Swimming Gloves - Can be used to keep your hands warm especially in winter. You can get special swimming ones that need to be tight.  

Goggles - If we are swimming face in the water I would recommend goggles 

Earplugs - If its cold and your swimming face down I would recommend earplugs.  

Camera / Phone - These can all get a bit distracting and can be valuable. I will take some photos using a GoPro. Your valuables are your own responsibility. For most swims you can leave your things on the bank / side, they will stay in view on our swim. If its any different we will make arrangements. 

Something to stand on - You can stand in your bag, or on an old towel or bit of mat. Anything that keeps your feet off the ground whilst your getting changed. 

Children / Dogs - Please don't bring anyone that will need looking after to the swim. 

For essential session advice and FAQ's see this page: