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How to make a booking: 

Confidence Pods and Group swims can be booked via my calendar: Book Here   

For private sessions or bespoke groups please email me so we can find a date and session that suits you:

For more information please see the FAQ's and Safety sections below. At the bottom of this page are the Booking Terms and Conditions

I will look forward to swimming with you 


Will it be cold? 
Yes the water can be cold. River and lake temperatures can vary a lot depending on weather conditions and the time of year. Outdoor swimming usually takes place between May and October, however many people swim all year round once they have acclimatised to swimming in cold water. I offer sessions in winter to those with experience of cold water. 

Do I need a wetsuit?
Wetsuits can be useful for swimmers, they add buoyancy, help your body position and keep you warmer than just wearing a swimming costume. It will only do this if it fits properly. Wetsuits that are overly tight or take a while to get off can prevent you from getting dry and dressed quickly. 
We talk about all this in my Confidence Pod sessions so bring all your kit and you can decide what you want to do. You can always take a wetsuit off for a "skins" dip at the end of your session. Its normally ok to just wear a swimming costume. Some people choose to wear a rash vest and swim leggings. These will make your swim feel different, but may not necessarily be warmer, and can be a pain to get off. More kits is not always better.

What is the water quality like? 
Water quality varies depending on the current and recent weather, conditions and the flow of a river. I use a range of information and experience to consider the water quality, and will adjust a session if the water quality looks poor. It is important to avoid swimming with open wounds. 

Is it Dangerous?
Swimming in rivers and lakes can be very dangerous. When running sessions I have a legal duty of care to risk assess the activity and plan for emergency situations. I have substantial experience in this area and have detailed written Risk Assessments, Operating Procedures and Emergency Operating Procedures. Having these in place alongside my qualifications means that I can hold Public Liability Insurance. I will not ask you to swim at your own risk or sign a waver, but I do ask you to understand the risks associated with the activity and decide independent if you want to take part. 

Alongside the swim sessions we usually need to walk to a spot, sometimes we have cake, a fire or other activities in nature. These are risk assessed as part of the session, but you must take full responsibility in your decision to take part. 
Example: I will often recommend sturdy shoes or boots when visiting a waterfall as the rocks are likely to be wet and slippery. 

Your Swimability

My swimming sessions are not swimming lessons, if you cannot swim please do not book, you must be able to swim confidently in deep water (200m or 8 lengths of a 25m pool). If you want to be able to stand up during all your swim you must tell me and we can make special arrangements, you will not be able to join a Confidence Pod or group swim. I will not adapt a swim if you book and are not confident in deep water. You must not wear any flotation device. 
You may be required to wear a swimmers tow float when swimming for the first time with me or in larger bodies of water. I will make the judgment if I require you to wear one. You may wish to wear one anyway. 

Further Safety Considerations: 

Don't drink alcohol before your swim. Consider not having any the night before too. 

Make sure you have all your kit. I have a few things to lend out, but you will need your own basics. 

Make sure you have a good meal a few hours before your swim.  

If you have any mobility difficulties please let me know, a few of my swims require you to walk, climb over large rocks and over uneven surfaces. I can advise you if you share this information with me. 

If you have not slept very well or feel unwell please tell me. 

Please don't come swimming if you have flu, covid or any other  infections disease. 

Swimming in cold, wild water can be dangerous. You must follow my instructions, especially when its time to get out. If I ask you to get out and you refuse I will encourage you a 2nd time. If you dont get out on this 2nd prompt you will no longer be included in the rest of the session and I will no longer hold a duty of care over your safety.  

Please dont bring anyone else or any pets to the session. 

Swim Outdoors with Lucy Booking Terms and Conditions

What I offer: 

I offer a range of Open Water Swimming coaching and experience. I am a qualified Open Water Coach and as such I am insured via my qualification and membership of the STA. I hold first aid qualifications and the STA Safety Training Award. I am qualified to coach in areas of my experience - this includes lake, reservoir, sea and river swimming and dipping, event and stroke improvement and mucking about in rivers and waterfalls. I am not a triathlon coach or have the experience to coach or train elite swimmers. I can signpost you if that is what you are after.

I have significant experience of working within targeted services and training others around Mental Health and Safeguarding. I continue to learn about how Blue Spaces and nature calm our minds and bodies and can share this information with you. 

I have a particular interest in the cycles of nature, the moon and the wheel of the year. Some of my sessions will include information or discussion about these topics. I try to ensure I advertise sessions according to their content. 

Safety is my highest priority, therefore I will always put your safety and wellbeing first.  

Joint working:

From time to time I work in partnership with another practitioner or host activity based at a facility of retreat. 

I will be responsible for you comfort throughout the event, but when someone else is leading a "session" or section of the event they will be responsible for your safety. 

Similarly if I am using a venue or facility the responsibility for the safety and security of the venue sits with them. I always endeavour to explain this as part of the session introduction to manage expectations.  

I will also make sure that booking conditions for these events are aligned to those stated below. 

Booking Information:

Group sessions are for adults only. Bespoke sessions can be arranged for families with children aged 11+. 

I use a number of online tools to help streamline your booking process. Squarespace Scheduling allows you to see my booking calendar, and Stripe is used to take payment. 

Refunds will be provided minus the booking charge (1.4% and 20 pence). This is an automatic booking fee taken by Stripe against your original payment. 

Refunds or Cancellations:

Cancellations made by you:

Cancellations can be made in writing, and a full refund will be given with 14 days notice.

Bespoke sessions can be rescheduled with over 1 weeks notice of the arranged date and time, but will not be refunded. 

Confidence Pod and Individuals booking in pre arranged group sessions can transfer to another similar session if you provide 1 weeks notice, or you will be given a voucher of the same price towards a future swim. 

If you fail to turn up or cancel a session with less than 7 days notice you will not be refunded. 

If you have booked using a voucher the same conditions apply as above. 

If you cancel and we can fill your place I will provide you with a refund at my discretion. Please note that its not always possible to advertise and administer last minute bookings due to other commitments. 

Cancellations made by me:

I reserve the right to cancel a session, and will only do so in extreme circumstances. I will try to give you at least 24 hours notice and discuss alternative options with you. If you are not satisfied with any of the options I will refund you.

Events outside of our control:

Sessions require a degree of flexibility due to weather and other conditions that could affect safety. Your safety is my priority. I reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the session to allow it to continue at the agreed time and date. This may mean a change of venue. You will not be eligible for a refund if a reasonable alternative has been offered.

If the session is cancelled I will endeavour to transfer your booking to another date, or refund you on request.

Other terms and conditions:

Please arrive promptly for your session. You will be given a time and exact location using

If you are late to a session I may not be able to make up the time due to other clients or commitments.

Any water phobia issues must be discussed in writing before your session.

If you are not able to swim in deep water you must share this, you will not be able to join a group or pod session if you want to be able to stand up at all times. 

If we are using a venue where a charge is made for entry, you will be required to pay this yourself before your session.

As a Swimming Coach I have the right to bring the session to a close if the safety of myself, those taking part or others is compromised. 


When you submit your booking information you will be asked to agree to these terms and conditions. You are also being asked to agree to the following statements: 

I am in good health and I meet the requirement of being able to swim, and meet any further requirements as listed on the session information page. 

I am over 18.

When I take part in the booked session I will recognise the risks associated with open water swimming, and will take responsibility for myself during and after the session. 

I have read and understand the Safety Considerations. 

Declaration and terms for parents swimming with under 18's. Bespoke sessions only. 

Sessions which include children will be discussed with a parent or guardian prior to the session. Sessions for families with children over 11 years old can take place with the full consent of parents or guardians so long as: 

- A parent or guardian is taking part in the session alongside their child / children. 

- 1 parent can support 1 or 2 children in the session. 

- The children are strong swimmers and want to swim in Open Water, and are aware that the water will be cold.

- The parent supports the coach to communicate effectively with the children, disclosing any concerns prior to the session

- The parent is responsible for their children within the session at all times. 

- Any health, behavioural, communication or other difficulties are shared with the coach prior to the session. 

As a Coach I have the right to bring the session to a close if the safety of myself, those taking part or others is compromised.